A bit of provocation.

10am Monday 23 July 2001.....

An unnamed Space Hijacker casually strolled up to the rear of Tower 42, Dressed in a sharp pin-stripe suit and carrying a black leather breifcase, he looked quite the dapper city gent.

Stopping by the rear of the building he opens his case and pulls out an official looking notice, then neatly sticks it to a pillar above an ash tray with yellow and black hazard tape. He does this again to another pillar right infront of a few city types and a contract cleaner. Of course nobody questions him as his is obviously on some kind of official business. One of the gentlemen walks up to the notice to see whats new, so our pin-striped hijacker then strolls off to the front of the building and away around the corner, he can feel the eyes of the gentleman burning his back as he makes his getaway.

This was to be the end of the mission apart from slipping back to take photo's of the signs, but the agent is confident with the effectiveness of his disguise, so he slips down an alley, in order to bring him back around to the front of the tower. There are around 20 people milling around the front, the taxi rank is dropping off business types and there are even more around to the left.

Our agent takes a deep breath, pushes out his chest and purposefully strolls out across the road to the front door, he calmly opens his case again and sticks up another notice in full view of the security desk and the many suits congregating about him.

Walking around the block again our stylish agent, pulls out a camera and turns in at the rear of the tower, barely stopping he shoots off a few shots of each sign in order to take back to base, before jumping on the tube and riding away.

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