The Plan:

Tower 42 has a rear area for congregating in, ash trays are provided for smokers, and seating areas are available for people wanting to eat and relax. There is a cafe selling its own food and drink, placed at the side of the building, although this is non smoking and for customers only. The front of the building, the public face, has no such area at all.

From these three areas it is clear to see how the building was designed, It aims to keep the front free of both smokers and people on breaks (not working). Instead these people who work in the tower are shunted around the side (where a profit can be made from them in the cafe) or completely out of the way at the rear of the building (The only place that ash trays are provided).

Our plan was simple, we sneak an agent up to tower 42, and get them to put up a notice from 'Tower42 management', that takes to an extreme the messages implicit in the architecture. The notice should be rude enough and overbearing enough to wind up the workers. We would also include an email address at the bottom for people to respond to. (click below)

One of the main points of the project was to make the people who congregate and work in the tower to have a greater awareness of the architectural behavoural devices that are being used on them. In this way we hoped to spread our hijack from the outside of the building, and into the very offices that people work in.

We hoped that people working at the tower would start to take a more aggressive stance to the people who own the building and condone the heirarchical treatment of the workers. Perhaps, in turn, these workers would also stop being such gits to the rest of the world.