Thursday 24th Feb 2004
The Toilets - The Wheatsheaf - London Bridge

Organised by Agent Dr Cheese, the Wheatsheaf Pub kindly donated the use of their toilets for our opening show. The plan was to organise an opening here so that each of the budding toilet artists would get the chance to see each others work before it was distributed across London.

Agents from far and wide brought their work to show in the classiest art gallery in London. Eventually both Ladies and Gents toilets were covered from floor to ceiling.

Gallery and toilet goers were treated to a feast for the senses, whilst in their most intimate moments.

Special thanks go to Agent Standard Deviant, who produced this lovely cake for the evening.

We were at first worried that boys and girls would have to stick to their own sex's toilets. However with another cunning move by Dr Cheese, the signs on the doors were swapped over. Later still, the spirit of the Hijackers had seeped into the toilets and for the first time in it's history the Wheatsheaf was operating with uni-sex toilets!

The show was more popular than we had bargained for and before long things were getting a little out of control. Actually going to the toilet became a mission only to be attempted by the very brave or very drunk!