Taking a leaf out of the book of CRAP and following on from ourDIESEL ACTION we decided the best way to wind up the folk at Nike was to become their greatest fans.

A pro-nike website was set up SWEATLONDON.COM and we sent out a call to arms.

Promoting all that is bad about Nike as a good thing, we decided to dress up in our best home made Nike clothes and head along to the finish line to promote all that is great about their business practice. An afternoon was spent in our HQ painting banners and customising our clothing with Nike swooshes.

We headed down to the finish line of the race, surrounded by thousands of people covered in Nike clothing. 30,000 runners were wearing matching tops, almost all with Nike trainers. Alongside them were hundreds of spectators branded with the swoosh in support. With almost religious fervour we set into our mission to join in the celebration of the brand.

We headed into the park where the race finished, only to find that we had arrived early enough to get a spot right next to the finish line, and accross the track from the film cameras and MC.