28TH NOVEMBER 2004 - 7PM

The Nike 10k Run London event is an annual marketing campaign for the worlds No1 sportshop and sweatshop business.

This year 30,000 runners paid Nike £25 each to enter the race. Each of them were given a luminous yellow Nike t-shirt and they all got the chance to take part in Nike's biggest advertising campaign of the year. None of the £750,000 raised by Nike went to charity, instead they saw the event itself as a gift given to London.

At times the event felt a bit like a cult, with thousands of people wearing identical clothes, and cheering along as the MC repeated NIKE chants over the booming sound-system.

Realising that, in the face of a massive corporate marketing campaign, a traditional protest may have been swept away under a flood of billboards, we decided to join Nike in their corporate promotion of the NIKE brand.

Setting up a pro-Nike protest group, we decided to take on the people arguing for a better world and launch THE MOST OFFENSIVE pro-Nike protest ever.

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For more info on NIKE and their business practices click here NOSWEAT.ORG.UK