London Skateboard Session No 2

Nine of us met up at 1pm at Bank on a sunny Saturday afternoon, however the god of evil weather had obviously decided to try an spoil our fun, for no sooner had we met than a storm brewed out of nowhere and the whole area was soaked!

Our quick thinking agents decided to head up towards Spitalfields undercover market, however upon traveling past the Natwest tower, we heard the familiar smack of skateboard on concrete.  Turning our heads we realised that Richard Robin Seifert (the architect concerned) had designed it as a wet weather skateboard oasis, with all of the best parts to skate (the blocks, stairs, kerbs & flatland) all undercover.  Nodding to the skaters already there we set down to creating a bit of anarchitecture.  A quick text was sent out to the latecomers and soon agent Arthur joined us.  Agent Kamui showed off his long board skills, whilst the rest of our gang got down to some street skating.  Eventually the Sun came back out and the floor dried up so we decided to take our safari elsewhere.

Our next stop was the front of 100 Liverpool St, an old skateboard haunt of agent Bristly's.  Unfortunately the powers that be had obviously spotted that too much fun was to be had on the blocks at the front and added extra parts to make them un-skateable.  Never the less the stairs at the front were still intact and so was the big slope.  Several of our agents practiced their skills learning to ollie the stairs, whilst others simply go their skateboarding feet whilst carving down the hill.

Off to Bank next, and no sooner had we arrived than a friendly City Of London policeman told us to leave!  •Sorry son, it•s the law and I•m only doing my job• ahh that old chestnut.

We next arrived at the square opposite the Lloyds tower and Erotic Gherkin, the first sighting of these beasts for some of our agents.  By this time our bodies were beginning to tire and the sun had given up on us, and so after a short spell, we headed off for tea, coffee and cake on Brick Lane.

London Skateboard Session No 1

Meeting up on a sunny Saturday in the city, our band of seven Space Hijacker skateboard agents set about turning our fine city into a giant playground. With a wide range of different abilities we visited several sites around the city, sessioning at Bank, the Lloyds building, setting up a slalom course at the Natwest tower, and getting onto the roof garden of a restaurant before heading into town.

We then made our way to London's skateboard Mecca at Southbank before heading onto Mellowbanks just down the road. everyone present learnt to skate the banks before the weather hit us and we had to take refuge, dragging our tired and dirty bodies to a nearby public house.

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