Tuesday 30th August - The City Of London

Secretaries, Brokers, Managers and Bankers it's time to dream a little!


Time is no longer money, and it doesn't make the world go around.
Make some space for yourself in the city, it's time to siesta.


Downtrodden wage slaves of the city,

Join the unconscious revolt


Put your computer to sleep,
swing your chair back,
put your legs up on the table,
and pull your bowler hat over your eyes.


Siesta Report:


On one of the sunniest days of the year, just after the bank holiday weekend, eight and a half of our intrepid agents travelled into the City of London to kickstart the siesta revolution. Attempting to get the downtrodden city workers to throw away the high pressure of their corporate lives and make a little space for themselves in the sunshine.

Dressed in our best undercover suits we polished off a delicious lunch and a couple of drinks before getting down to the hard work of sleeping it all off again.

We started by handing out some flyers to the workers whilst on their lunch breaks, inviting them to join us for a little nap instead of rushing back to their desks. However we soon realised that one should lead by example, and before you could say "sangria" our agent had started to drop like flys.  

Our first port of call was opposite the Bank of England, Agents quickly found little corners to tuck themselves into and dozed off.

It seemed though that some of our city worker comrades were unprepared to witness such militant action, as a number were heard gasping or tutting at our european ways. We were however occasionally roused by passers by who took leaflets from our hands and enquired about the siesta revolution. Several promised to have a cat nap back at the office, and commented that our rights should be the same as those of our fair weather comrades in the south.

Unfortunately it was not long before the ugly head of capitalism and efficiency was roused. Agent Treat was rudely awoken by a cycling policeman pulling on his nose, nearly causing him to fall from his perch and land on another sleeping suit!

There had apparently been reports of drunken troublemakers at the Bank. Once the officer assertained that we were a harmless bunch of dozing revolutionaries he was sent on his confused way.

We however had grown tired of our spot by the Bank and went in search of some more shade. The corporation of London has recently installed some benches in the square by the Lloyds building so our agents settled down for some more shut eye.

However once again, such blatant inefficiency in the heart of the city was once again frowned upon. A very polite young security guard gently woke us one by one and explained that he would love to let us sleep all afternoon, but his boss was less eager to accomodate us.


By this time however our work was done, and our siesta over. Time to nip off for another drink to toast the start of the end of the single lunch hour.  

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