Pirate Radio Jacket

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, The Space Hijackers are proud to announce our latest creation. The Pirate radio jacket is the latest weapon in our war against oppression:

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen this dapper looking jacket is hiding more of a packet that may first appear. This smart sunday best contains a fully functioning pirate radio station broadcasting anywhere between 100 - 108 FM. Powered simply by a 9V battery, this essential bit of Space Hijacker kit can broadcast anything you like from live sound via the microphone to pre recorded material on an Walkman, MP3 player or Dat, hidden in a pocket.

So what can you do with it?

The possibilities are almost endless, well not quite, but they are a lot of fun. Imagine the Scenario:

You are out shopping on a Saturday afternoon, the mood of the store is just right and you have been lulled into a comfortable state by the stores inhouse designers. The radio is playing softly in the background, a subtle station Heart 106.2 for example. The management are confidant that they will pull some extra sales due to the amount of money thay shelled out on those expensive subliminal devises.

Next to you is a smart looking man who seems to be listening intently to the shop speaker and fiddling with his pocket, he walks to the door and you think no more of it.

Then suddenly the music cuts out and then broadcast from the shop speakers is an announcement explaining all of the devices that have been used on you, you and the other customers feel cheated, and storm out. Now imagine that announcement claimed everything in the shop was free for the next five minutes, or imagine that the subtle music was replaced with Motorhead?

All this and more can be achieved with the Pirate Radio Jacket.

We thank you.

So when can I get my hands on one?

Soon my little cup cake, soon. The design is still in its development stage at the moment, although it does work. Once we have done some field tests and developed it a little further we shall publish how to make it to all Space Hijackers in our Online HQ for Secret Agents.

Not a secret agent yet? apply here

p.s. Obviously broadcasting on Fm without a licence is a very bad thing to do and we would not encourage anyone to do it. Especially because all of the chart music played is very good and we like to hear Britney constantly.