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We are heading on a crash course! Our profit lead corporate system is ruining our planet and our lives. . When was the last time you worked just a 9 to 5 ? Do you really believe any of this corporate greenwash ? (You can paint the bulldozer with flowers, but it's still a bulldozer.)

We are all going to have to change; to learn to share, to care and to play again.

Lets take to the city, turn the social rules upside down, dance in the streets, sing, party and bring some healthy chaos to this dull order.

Re-invigorate this ancient day of trouble and celebration. Don't be a cog in the machine, be a spanner in the works! (Or maybe some ivy in the cracks if you want to be a bit more green, but you get the picture.)

A street party in corporate London on Tues May 1st 2007

Meeting Point:
5pm by the clocks
Reuters Square / Canada Square
The south side of Canary Wharf - London

The party starts at 5pm prompt, however in order to arrive safely and sneak along, we recommend that you arrive early and have a drink in one of the many nearby bars.

Remember stealth and cunning is the key to getting this party started, dress in disguise (look as corporate as possible, see the dressing up guide below), if you are asked any questions insist that you work there and are just dancing along with everyone else.

If you are going to bring drinks, make them subtle, hip flasks not cans of Stella. Alternatively drink in the nearby bars.

Join in the singalonga - print out a song sheet available below.
Bring friends, bring instruments, bring bands, bring drinks and cakes to share, bring smiles and bring your dancing shoes!

Singalonga song sheet front
Singalonga song sheet back

Brought to you by the Space Hijackers, circle line party organisers,
corporate chaos causers and all round bad eggs!