Click here to watch the video diary from friday

After meeting up at some ungodly hour at Liverpool St station in London a team of five Hijackers boarded the coach to the airport where we would fly to Leipzig from. Agent Bicycle Girl was busy tapping away writing her talk on her laptop whilst the rest of us tried to sleep. Arriving at the airport we decided to start as we meant to go on, and had an 8am pint for good luck! We were joined by agents Spritely Monkey and Undecided before boarding the plane.

Previously we had decided that two of our team (Greenman and Agent Undecided) would hang back from the rest of the group and, pretending to be some kind of authority figures, follow us and document our movements. Dressed from head to toe in black, the two agents would tail us around Leipzig and attempt to confuse the situation, asking who was watching who.

We arrived in Leipzig with our two double agents leaving the airport first in an attempt to photograph us following them, they were being picked up by a friendly source in Leipzig. As the rest of team Hijacker disembarked, we were met by Michael and Andreas from Leipziger Kamera at the airport with a “SPACE HIJACKERS” sign in their hands. Completely organised, they ushered us into a minibus before driving us into Leipzig itself.

En route we were handed stickers and posters which had been designed by Daniel from Leipziger Kamera and put up all over town. Bearing the slogan “SPACE HIJACKERS CAUSING TROUBLE IN LEIPZIG” with a list of the talks and actions we were going to embark on, it was the first time our arrival in a city had been pre-advertised, and we were a little worried to say the least.

We arrived at a big faded glamour style apartment block, where two rooms had been reserved for us to use for the weekend. Agent Cupcake managed to find a free wifi connection and posted up a report back to the rest of the Hijackers back home.

Later we headed off to the Gallery for Contemporary Art, to prepare for giving a couple of talks. After checking equipment, we had a swift drink in the bar next door before the talks. Here we met up with agent Nutroast and his girlfriend Dagmar. Back at the gallery a fair crowd had turned up and we were set to go. Agent Bicycle Girl was first up with a talk about protest history and law in the UK. Covering everything from Reclaim The Streets through to the recent SOCPA laws. Agent Bristly Pioneer was up next with a talk about the history of the Space Hijackers and a look at the various tactics we use.

All went well and with a supportive crowd joining us we headed back to the bar next door. Our secret double agents had turned up during the talks and began photographing not only the speakers but also most of the audience too. Later when they turned up in the bar, people began to get very suspicious of our two men in black. Liza told me that many of the Leipziger Kamera crew had twigged that something was going on and had even planned to get a couple of their friends dressed all in white to harass our secret agents. Before long, the game was up, especially as our two agents had began to want to join in the party with the rest of us.

After more drinks at the bar, we headed off to a club and danced the night away. Well most did, agent Bristly Pioneer managed to find a noisy corner and drop off to sleep.