Fed up with the lack of local amenities?
Tired of the drugery of consumer culture?
Annoyed by the constant barrage of advertising?

The Multinational Corporate Games is for you! Turn your high street into a leisure centre, amusement arcade and playground all rolled into one! Due to the monotony of global culture these four venues exist in every highstreet the world over.

Event 1 – Find the GAP
Urban Sardines a sweaty game for a sweatshop store. One contestant goes into a GAP store and finds a hiding place. After a count of 50 the other contestants head in to try and find them. Once you find the sardine you must join them in the hiding place. The last person to find them looses.

Event 2 – Starbucks Musical Chairs
Everyone heads into a Starbucks and occupies a chair. Once a pre-chosen contestant enters the store the game starts. Every record change on the instore stereo you must swap chairs. Different chairs are worth different points (see the chart below) fill in your chart as you swap seats. The first person to get 100 point wins. They must stand up and shout "I’ve been Starbucked" at which point everyone has 10 seconds to evacuates the store.

Location Of Chair Points Number Of Visits
Unoccupied Armchair 20  
Chair At Unoccupied Table 15  
Occupied Armchair 10  
Window Seat 10  
Chair At Occupied Table 5  
Single Chair 5  
Sitting On The Floor 1  


Event 3 – McDonalds Bingo
For this event you will need the Bingo card printed below. BEFORE entering McDonalds please black out 6 items on the list to leave you with 10. Head into McDonalds and join the queue, as the people in front order their food you mark off the items on your card. The first person to get all the items on their list wins and must shout "McDonalds BINGO!". Everyone has 10 seconds to evacuate the store.

McChicken Sandwich
Chicken McNuggets
French Fries
1/4 Pounder With Cheese
Diet Coke
Happy Meal
Big Mac
Chocolate Milkshake
Filet O'Fish
Hot Apple Pie
Any Salad


Event 4 – Nike British Bulldog
Banned in every school the world over, as this company should be. The contestants line up on one side of the store, someone is the Bulldog in the middle. They shout "Bulldog" and the contestants run to the other side trying to avoid the Bulldog who is trying to catch them. Once tagged the contestants join the Bulldog and security guards in trying to catch the others in their next run. The last person caught wins.

- We take no responsibility for you or anything, infact we think you should definately not do anything written here, it's all a big joke. Spend your day shopping instead.
- Anyone buying anything in any of the stores is instantly disqualified.