Secret Agent Aaron announced that he was leaving our fair shores to set up a Space Hijackers in Rome! In true Hijacker style we gave him a send off in the only way we know how. Hijack London Underground and have a monster party circling London!

After the chaos of previous circle line parties (up to 2000 people turning up) this was a much more intimate affair. We have found that the parties work much better in numbers under 300, there is more room for enticing regular travellers to join us, and much more dancing space.

With music provided via busking amplifiers and portable turntables, a circle line carriage was transformed into a mobile club, add in some gels for the lighting, a pole dancing podium and a pile of eager clubbers and the night is set for mayhem!

Agents came from all over London to wish Agent Aaron farewell, here he is seen dancing with pole dancer extraordinaire Agent Angel!

Agent Rachel served up a lovely Pimms and Lemonade, whilst Russ Vandeberg showed us the sleasier side of party making.

We lasted a full two laps (stopping in the middle for a toilet break) with no Police or London Underground interuptions, a record for one of our Circle Line Parties. Agents danced and partied hard, some a little harder than they probably should have.

Tips for holding your own Circle Line Party
1 - Only party in the tunnels, if you hit a station, turn the music off and pretend you are all bored commuters
2 - Get on the back carriages furthest from the driver
3 - Bring bin bags to tidy up after yourself, so no one knows you were ever there
4 - Bring plenty of drinks, and give them out to commuters, you do not own the train so it must be a party for everyone.
5 - Get proper lighing gels to cover the strip lights with, bring mirror balls to tie to the bars
6 - Invite us.

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