The meeting point was announced on the morning of the party, 7pm at the back of 'The Spitz', Spitalfields Market, E1. To our amazement (and to some extent horror) there were several hundred eager party goers, word had obviously got out of what we were about to embark on. I must admit at this point we all began to worry about the size of the beast that we were about to release, but with a quick council we realised that the party was beginning to take on a life of it's own, and we had better stay on for the ride.

All of the equipment arrived safely and Russ Vanderburg was in full swing signing up ladies and gents to his 'Porn Stars Against The War' troupe.

After a quick pint for dutch courage agent Robin jumped up on to an empty market stall and tried to call the rabble together. Explaining the tips for happy partying and telling everyone to go for a quick pee. We then set about getting the mob onto the train.

continued ...