Circle Line Party Info

Get your quick-change party duds ready, the long-awaited Circle Line Party III is happening, meeting points and times to be announced soon

he first one was memorable, the second one was life-changing. This one is going to be monufuckingmental.

How not to get in trouble

Now as everyone knows, the Space Hijackers would never condone or encourage any illegal activities, or take any responsibility for the activities of anyone, ever. So, as long as we all understand that this information is for ... ahem... educational purposes only, here are a few ideas for keeping the party going.

* When we reach a station, activate quick change outfits! Suddenly the disco-tastic glitterati become .. a train full of tired and bored looking commuters, until we hit the tunnell, then it all kicks off again.
* The two carriages at the back of the train should attract less attention from the driver. Not that there's anything wrong with a party, but we wouldn't want to make the poor sod jealous.
* As usual, smoking could get you a fifty quid fine, which is a very expensive oily rag, even by our great british standards.
* Refreshments for all! Watch those secretaries let their hair down and city boys loosen their ties. There's a space hijacker in everyone and the Circle Line party is a perfect time to pull it out of them. Last time we even had an off-duty LU ticket inspector who said (and I quote) 'this is a great idea', which just goest to show. It is.

Preparation is the key to success

Things to bring / prepare
* Bring images / posters / party decorations of suitable dimentions to cover over adverts.
* Bring Battery powered radios, CD players & Ghettoblasters
* Bring big batteries to power stuff (bring stuff too, of course).
* Bring
bin bags to clean up after yourself.
* Come in quick change fancy dress
* Bring mirror balls, torches, quick-hide decorations and more devilry.
* look out for possible post-tube-party venues. (what a pity LU doesn't run all night ;-)

* How about having a go at making some of the following pieces of equipment?
- Secret Pole Dancing Podium to fit around the poles of the train
- Secret Tequila Bar to serve up to commuters
- Secret Nibbles Trolley
- Secret Suitcase Sound System

other (dis)organisational ideas

* If anyone asks (in particular anyone in uniform) the party is a spontaneous happening with no-one in charge (which is true, of course).
* we can take care of each other by dealing with any problems that might occur (like running out of drinks) in a group (like buying more drinks).
* if you're not a scary person, handing out drink and sweets to (possibly disoriented) passengers would be a good idea.
* if you're tall you might want to help cover up all those dodgy adverts, and put coloured gels over the striplights
* if you have a sensible haircut and someone tries to bust the party, join in with everyone else in supporting whoever is getting hassle - LU don't want to piss off their 'customers' ... (or do they?... hmm.)

You and your bladder (and the circle line)

Click here for a map of toilet routes [Toilet Map] so you should be able to get out of the tube, do your business, and make a connection so you can re-join the party somewhere else on the network. It might also be a good idea to go to the loo *before* you leave (yes mummy...). A toilet suitcase would be truly horrible. Funny, maybe, but horrible.

Getting it rolling

* Sounds: Ride for a couple of stops whilst setting up before the sound system is switched on. We can clamp the sound system to the bars near the Dj so that it plays above peoples heads and is not drowned out.
* Lights : We can cover up the striplights with gels asap - nobody looks good under those lights and this *is* a party, after all.
* Adbusting: We just have to cover up them adverts as soon as possible - we don't want this looking like a promotional campaign now.
* Spread: First the back carriage, then the next... . cables through the connecting windows to carry the sound system. We could have the whole LU system buzzing by closing time.
* Laps: See how the first lap goes, if anyone gets tired or dizzy, rendezvous where we met.
* Dissappear without a trace: Finally, we can shove all the cups and sweetie papers into some bin bags, leaving the train looking as if nothing exciting had happened... until next time.