On the 10th March 1999, the Space Hijackers held our first major event. This involved the Hijacking of a London Underground Circle Line Train, for the purpose of turning it into a moving disco.

A vast amount of preparation had taken place beforehand building the equipment we would need. This was made in the form of suitcases that would transform instantly into either a bar, stereo, nibbles counter or disco light, amongst other things. (see bottom of page)

Around 150 people attended the event, not including the passengers who happened to be on, or get on the train. All of whom were given free Vodka, Tequila, and Sweets.

London Underground remained blisfully un aware of what was happening right under their noses, and we managed to complete almost one and a half laps before dashing off for pub closing time.

The point of the event was to completely disrupt the way in which the train works in terms of codes of conduct. We aimed to destroy any previous ideas as to how to operate within a train, and what a train is used for. By having a party we wanted to corrupt peoples future experience of the Circle Line, as the memory of the party will recurr each time they use the train.

The Party was a complete success, so much so that we are intending on holding a follow up event.

We are currently designing new equipment in order to make the next one bigger and better, so you'd better keep your eyes open the next time you travel by tube.