DEPARTMENT: Consumer Control
CIRCULATION: Internal distribution only. No public disclosure.

Reality Filter Public Trial 1

TEST DATE: 18 June Year 5
The Reality Filter Mk 1 is a consumer control device with a simple design allowing for mass production at almost zero cost. The device claims to “Allow the wearer to filter out the badness from the world.” and “provides a simple way to achieve calmness and happiness.”
In practice, the Reality Filter effectively blinds the wearer blocking off any visual input from the outside world. Since the majority of human emotions have visual triggers, removing this input can “truly” be said to remove a large percentage of “badness” from the subject’s perception.
While wearing the device, the subject’s visual input is restricted to the inside of the device itself. It is this feature that provides the most potential for consumer control. Our product design team and persuasion departments have collaborated to populate this space with messages to maximise our ability to control the subjects. These messages act subconsciously to convince subjects that they are completely dependent on our Corporation for every aspect of their life. As a result of these messages, MUTI gains the complete loyalty of the subjects, while the subject is able to achieve contentment by accepting that they want only what MUTI wants. Win – Win.

Our intelligence department was able to exploit the gullibility of the UK “Arts/Activism” scene by adding a fake event into the, so-called, “Anarchitecture Week”. This event announced a Product Launch and Free Audio Tour. Approximately 10 subjects were self-selected at zero cost.

Subjects were requested to assemble at Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner , 16:00 Saturday afternoon. Once assembled, subjects were presented with the filter and a stick, and informed that they should place the device over their face and then follow the bell. Subjects were then taken through a series of landscapes to test their ability to function without the use of their sight and to obey orders.
Terrain 1 was the tunnel network below Hyde Park. This immediately placed the subjects within an alien environment and permitted us to gain complete control of brain functions. By the end of this stage, the only thought active within the brains of the subjects was, “Must follow bell. MUTI has the bell. Must follow MUTI”. Success.
Once the initial phase was complete, the subjects were taken back above ground into an environment where movement was retarded and required care. Thick long grass made movement difficult, and after the initial indoctrination in the tunnels, the test group could take no action whatsoever without express commands from MUTI. Success.
After this test, subjects were marched across a variety of paths to determine their ability to move for extended periods of time. During this phase we noticed the evolution of some teamwork. This result allowed the subjects to reduce their reliance on the MUTI bell, and should be avoided in the future.

Partial Success. More research should be performed to reduce the opportunity for subject interdependence. Subject teamwork interferes with our ability to control their actions.