The A-Z Of Retail Trickery
Anarchitecture Week 2005

"If we went into shops only when we needed to buy something, and if once in there we bought only what we needed, the economy would collapse, boom." Paco Underhill, CEO Envirosell

The World Of Shop Design has become a profession as secretive and cunning as that of a magician or pick pocket, their very business depends upon pulling the wool over the eyes of the unassuming customer and relieving them of their hard earned cash. Shop designers will use every trick in the book to attempt to persuade you to spend more time and money in their store.

Agent Bristly Pioneer took several agents on a tour of London's Premier shopping street to point out and discover which cunning tricks were hidden up the sleeves of the major retailers.

We visited all of the usual suspects and discovered their dirty secrets.

From redirected kitchen fans, to canned smell or baby powder in the air conditioning, our high streets are a minefield of ploys and subliminal hits. We visited Sainsburys, Virgin Megastore, Marks & Spencer, McDonalds, WH Smiths and many more, all of whom had their own specific devices.

The trip finished up at Nike Town where they got rather shirty about our trip and we were followed through the entire store.

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