Le Parkour, Monsieur!

French lunatic David Belle is credited with creating the ultimate sport for Space Hijackers, Le Parkour. Basically it involves running around, climbing about and leaping from roof top to roof top in a kind of spiderman-esque urban assault course without the webbing or special effects. Not for the vertigo challenged amongst our ranks, this is a pass time for the more mentalist Hijackers.

As Belle Puts it:

"Le Parkour - or the Art of Movement - is a way of using the obstacles found in one's path to perform jumps and acrobatics...Everything must combine speed, fluidity, aesthetics and originality,"

David and his mate Sebastien Foucan started up a gand called the Yamakasi and pracitced the lunatic sport in the Paris suburbs, The gang later starred in a film by Luc Besson of the same name.

Below are a series of links to sites for more information, some are French and some are English, good luck and don't blame us if you end up in casualty.





London Le Parkour Day 20/04/03

Agents Ricky and Robin headed along to meet the traceurs from urbanfreeflow.com at Liverpool St, to see what all of this Le Parkour business was about. They were a very friendly bunch, and invited us to come along and join in.

The first stop was an area just near Liverpool St with gaps to jump, bars to vault and eventually a roof top to run around on (Being novices to the Le Parkour game our agents took a little longer than the others to get up). Lots of leaping around and jumping up fire escapes etc eventually lead to us being discovered by the Police and chased off the roof and through the area around Liverpool St.

We reconvened and headed of to the Barbican, where some ridiculous gap jumping took place and a session on a bar vault. Agents Ricky and Robin decided that they had better go and practice their skills before hanging out with the big kids and headed off back to Liverpool St.

To make things interesting, we decided to travel without touching the floor, and made it all the way from Pettycoat lane market to Commercial road only touching the floor a few times. We climbed walls, balanced on barriers, jumped gaps, climbed on roofs, climbed on trees, climbed across a gate past security and swung on posts. Eventually having to give up about 100 metres short of agent Robin's front door!

And if you don't believe us here is the proof:

A fine way to spend Easter Sunday.