The state of England's bus queues are a fine measure of the countries slip from anarchy.

Picture the 1940's.

Gerald Fitzgerald leaves his home, donnes his trilby hat and heads down to Whitechapel High Street to catch the No. 25 bus into work. He arrives at the bus stop to see several other fellows neatly waiting their turn. Joining the end of the queue he catches the sight of an elderly lady approaching and a pretty young girl behind her!

"Excuse me Madam" he exclaims doffing his hat to the elderly lady, "Please do step ahead of me"

"Why, thank you kind sir" she replies as he winks to the pretty girl now approaching him.

The bus arrives and the queue hop on board, Gerald offers his seat to the young lady and stands holding the bar. She thanks him and gives him a smile.

And now picture the present day

Gary Mason, dashes out of his house pulling his Nike cap on and heads to Whitechapel High Street to catch the 25 into Oxford Street. He arrives at the bus stop to see several other people huddled in the area. A girl arrives pushing a pram and wheels it under the bus shelter.

Gary huffs, and thinks to himself, why should she get to take up all the space.

The bus arrives and the mob fight to get on the bus. Gary shoves past the pram but gets out manouvered by another man who puts his arm out to hold the door, blocking Gary from slipping infront.

As he enters the bus Gary spies a pair of chairs at the back, sitting down he puts his bag on the on next to his and pretends to be asleep.

The girl and the pram are still at the bus stop as the bus pulls away.

The Decline Of The Queue.

(stand on the left, NO EXIT, NO ENTRY, this way out, allow people off the train before you board)

It seems that London's population is now so used to being ushered around that collectively we are now unable to organise ourselves without the speakers, guards and posters to tell us what to do.

Gone are the days of Anarchy, when people would naturally organise themselves ensuring that those arriving first would board the bus first, a time where Ladies and Gentlemen would allow those elder, pregnant or with cumbersome bags to skip ahead.

We now live in an age of dog eat dog chaotic selfishness!

What to do?