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The Space Hijackers 1999 - 2014


The Space Hijackers are dead.

You can see reports from of our 15 years of projects below and here.

Now it's your turn to take the reins and sort out this mess that we all live in.

Love and rage


foxtons hunt

A wild ride across the streets of Hackney.
A Space Hijacker agent posing as a wealthy flat hunter.
An estate agent weaving through the streets plying their trade of gentrification.
An unruly mob of FOXtons HUNTERS chasing them down on horseback (bicycles).
Hackney Foxtons estate agents closed down for the day.
Shoreditch Foxtons under police guard.

A great day for all the family!

Read the full report here

foxtons hunters

Introducing the Emergent Service Workers Party

eswp logo

"When we demanded an end to wage labour, we didn't just mean the wages!"

From people being forced to stack shelves in Poundland for free, through to office workers pushing their hours later and later, our wages no longer reflect our work.

The casino banks are being bailed out with our money, the corporations dodge their tax, our services are cut and we're forced to work even more for even less.

News Reports :

Emergent service workers of the world unite!

image from vice magazine



Space Hijackers & Hedonist International
Limehouse Summit 2012

The Space Hijackers and Hedonist International met for a 3 day summit at the Hijacker HQ in Limehouse. A summit involving kidnapping, sword fighting, drinking, debate, cricket, dressing up, fire, dancing and finally a war declaration.

A full report is coming soon...

space hijackers adn hedonist international
Hijackers and Hedonists re-create The Situationist International in Limehouse

Official Protesters Of The Olympics!

23 May 2012
Locog: The Unelected body in charge of the 2012 Olympic Games
confirm our status as official Protesters!

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 23th May, we received official recognition from Locog that we are the "Official Protesters Of The London 2012 Olympic Games".

In a bold and daring move Locog contacted twitter demanding that due to "Brand Affiliation" Twitter should immediately close our account. Twitter, the beacon of free speech which so vocally lent it's support to the Arab Spring did, of course, what everyone expected and immediately curtailed to the interests of big money and business. We, The Official Protesters, were immediately locked out of our account, losing access to thousands of followers, in a move designed to silence our dissent.

Locog of course realised the benefit such a move would have to our fledgling campaign, as within minutes twitter exploded in support of us. No sooner were we off air than the phones and emails started flooding in. In a classic case of the Streisand effect, before we knew it articles were popping up in newspapers and blogs across the globe:

The Guardian
"Agent Bristly Pioneer also described the logo as a "social meme" that had become part of the London landscape. However, despite its ubiquitous presence, he said, it could not be used by ordinary people. "It's like Voldemort – you're not allowed to mention it otherwise you'll invoke the wrath of Locog."

Wired Magazine
"The Space Hijackers, a group of anti-capitalist activists, launched a spoof "Official" Protesters of the London Olympic Games site in April. It's intended as lampooning the fact that the Games seems to have an official tie-in product of every description -- from chocolate bars to toothbrushes."

Tech Eye
"Twitter has bowed to pressure from the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, or LOCOG, to shut down the Space Hijackers account."

The Telegraph
"it’s basically about a balance of commercial interest and freedom of speech and expression. We are not happy about this suspension."

The Index On Censorship
"One can only conclude that this is an act of petty, vindictive censorship, hardly in the spirit of plurality and inclusiveness the Olympics is supposed to promote."

The Hollywood Reporter
"London 2012 organizers complained about an activist group's parody that used the trademark"

The Drum
"Commenting on the move Robin Grant, global managing director of the agency, said: “I'm shocked Twitter kowtowed to LOCOG by suspending the @spacehijackers account. It's good news that they've since relented, but bad news that @spacehijackers has been forced to remove their parody ‘the Official Protesters of the London 2012 Olympic Games’ branding. "

Media Bistro

Occu World


The Londonist

The Daily Caller
"...the event has become “a big corporate party” that most regular people are not taking part in"

Malaysia Sun

Wales Online

Visits to our official protest site www.protestlondon2012.com went through the roof and we saw dozens of twitter users change their avatar to our Anarchist coloured version of the olympic logo in support.

Eventually after tense negotiations twitter allowed us access back to our account, along with the hundreds of new followers that we had gained.

We would like to thank Locog and the IOC for this official recognition and look forward to working with them to facilitate further protest in the future


Paternoster Square, home of the London stock exchange sits right next to St Paul's Cathedral in the heart of financial London. This grand square with it's public art, benches, restaurants and bars is part of the life of the city with hundreds and thousands of people using it every week.

That is, hundreds of people who are deemed worthy of using it. You see, now like many other "public" areas of London, Paternoster Square is in fact privately owned. We've previously done projects highlighting the negative effect such ownership has on the life of a city and on freedom of speech, see for example our No No No outings. Public access is granted by the corporation who own it, but this access can be withdrawn at any moment.

Such a moment occurred when the Occupy Movement declared their intention to occupy the London Stock Exchange as part of a global protest against the Financial Industry. The protesters were locked out and forced to take over the land adjacent to St Paul's Cathedral, whilst the people of the London Stock Exchange carried on about their business of gambling with our futures.

That was of course until our latest project....


DSEi 2011 - Life Neutral Solutions

You’ve heard of the importance of being carbon neutral? Well, being Life Neutral is the same - but with people. For every* life lost as a result of the use of products from our member organisations, we make sure that a new life flourishes. Join today and your next child could be a Life Neutral™ child.

Every two years DSEi the worlds largest arms fair rolls into town, and every time the media seem to cover it less and less. It's as if the fact that the nastiest people on the planet gathering together under one roof to sell weapons and torture equipment to corrupt regimes is not news worthy. Bahrain was recently exposed as using UK supplied weapons against pro-democracy campaigners, how did our government react to this news? They invited them to DSEi again to buy some more...

Well if that wasn't disgusting enough to tempt the press, what would be?

and so, Life Neutral Solutions was born...



The government is currently going through a consultancy period where they are trying to push through an NHS reform bill. Rumours abound that the Conservative Party are using this bill to open up the NHS to the private sector as compensation to private healthcare companies who donated to the Tory party during their election campaign.

We, the Space Hijackers, have never trusted the government - regardless which colour tie they happen to be wearing. We’re particularly distrustful of the ones in the blue ties. While all this backroom scheming to unpick all of Nye Bevan’s good work in establishing the world’s largest single-payer healthcare system was taking place, we thought we'd take the debate to the streets....



Following on from our previous Private/Public space projects which have focussed on the gentrification of London and the erosion of civil liberties that that entails, the Space Hijackers headed out to the Truman Brewery complex on Brick Lane to enforce the rules that are implicit, and perhaps not so implicit in such places. Stopping people from drinking, smoking, talking, loitering, laughing and even reading our sign!

Full report here...

Mass Debate In Public

UkUncut have recently been grabbing headlines with their novel take on the recent Tory Government "Essential Cuts to Public Spending". Instead of eyeing up our welfare state and deciding which bits to trim or slash completely in the name of efficiency, UkUncut have been looking at the tax avoiding Tory friendly big businesses and pressuring them to pay their fair share.

For their latest action, the Hijackers decided to join in and bring along our latest tactic "The Mass Debate".


Billboard Bustcards

‘Bustcards’ are flyers handed out at demonstrations, to inform protestors of their legal rights, in the event that should they be arrested or stopped and searched. They are a response to the police’s long track-record of abusing their powers.

An idea to produce giant, billboard-sized bust-cards had been kicking around Hijacker HQ for some months – initially with the aim of installing them in places where police traditionally gather to bully teenagers.

But, the advent of the demonstration on 26 March – anticipated to be the biggest since the two million-strong Iraq march in 2003 – saw some interesting developments in the already-pretty-bloody-fascinating world of protest support and legal monitoring.




Madrid Street Advertising Takeover

MaSAT (Madrid Street Advertising Takeover) is the second international street ad takeover project, and the third in a series of civil disobedience projects intent on changing our expectations of public behavior in our shared environments.

The Space Hijackers were one of the many artists and groups asked to take part in this fantastic project, and so we thought why not include a message about one of the major bee's in our bonet of late: public/private property.

more details...


A Top Secret
Circle Line Party 5

Agent Hardcastle told us the news one meeting:
"TFL are doing engineering work on the circle line, for two weeks they are going to turn it back into a circle, we've got a small window of opportunity for a final bash"
Game on we thought.

The Police seem to have recently become overly fashion conscious. Taking photos and notes on what people are wearing at demos and even raiding protestor’s houses in their desperate search for style tips.

So at last Saturday's Crude Awakening the Space Hijackers proudly presented THE LAUNDRY:
A helpful team of launderette ladies gave people an instant restyling that the police fashion hounds were not able to keep up with.


full report and more pictures here

Anarchist Vs Capitalist
Midnight Cricket Cup

Midnight Cricket is a game where the Space Hijackers venture into the city, to host Anarchist Vs Capitalist cricket matches on the streets of the financial centre of London. After finding a suitable pub, full of bankers and hedge fund managers, we arrive en mass dressed in our cricket whites and drink with the suits, striking up conversation and then challenging them to a match at closing time.


What happens on training camp stays on training camp...

Photo montage here



Hot on the heels of the success of our first outing, we were keen to take our No NO NO sign back into the city. The sign highlights the hypocrisy of urban public/private space - where land that appears public is actually owned by private corporations. On the surface, London is a city full of open spaces bustling with shoppers and tourists. If you scratch beneath it, you soon discover that this openness is a scam.

If you’re a local council, selling off land to private developers is an easy way to raise capital. But the undermining of social liberties that comes with these sales is unprecedented. Take the construction of the Olympic village in Stratford for example. It’s an entirely privately owned complex. Although there will be public space, shops and entertainment, there will also be robotic CCTV drones monitoring everyone coming and going – thousands of cameras watching your every move, a ban on begging, busking, skateboarding, hoodies, public assembly, protest, loitering and much much more. Everything that makes our city so vibrant is drained out of the space and replaced with a 2D image of a city. Unless you're shopping you're not welcome.



Mayday 2010

This Mayday on the Space Hijackers took our anti-election battle bus to the streets of London and the home of government. We've all seen George Galloway and the other cronies charging around in open top buses trying to persuade people to vote for them, but we all know the whole thing is a scam. So we hired our own open top bus, and flew around London giving out an alternate message - SPOIL YOUR BALLOT, REJECT THE LOT OF EM!


Space Hijackers - 1
Police & CPS - 0
All charges have been dropped against the Hijacker 11


In the months leading up to London's G20 Summit in April 2009, the British press hyped up police warnings of an impending Summer Of Rage when public anger would erupt over the government's bank bailout. The streets would burn and anarchists would turn the newly unemployed into foot soldiers of the revolution. Thankfully the police calmed the situation by saying whatever happened they were 'up for it'.

Following on from previous projects where we parodied the police, the Space Hijackers decided to take our DSEi-busting tank out for another spin and ridicule the expectations of violence from the Police. We would tart her up as a Mad Max-styled mobile oppression vehicle and don fancy dress on April Fools Day (the date when the G20 summit and accompanying demonstrations were taking place). With Ride of the Valkyries blasting from the sound system, we drove into the city with our bicycle outriders to thrust the sword of satire at the State.

What's all this then? It seems the Police failed to see the humour in a 6-wheeled behemoth manned by the laughing cavaliers of anti-capitalism, arrested 11 Hijackers wearing blue boiler suits and started one of the most bizarre prosecutions mounted in a British court in recent years. In an utter waste of taxpayers' money, we were charged and scheduled for a four day trial facing charges of impersonating police officers, with the intent of decieving the public into thinking we were the real fuzz.

We always refuted these ridiculous claims on the part of the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service and invited people to look over the past 10 years of our work, which the police were well aware of, to see that we have a long history of parody, dressing up and winding up the powers that be.

Thankfully, after finally seeing sense, the CPS have now decided to drop all charges against the Space Hijackers and return our vehicle and belongings.

We would like to thank the Police for this amazing team building exercise they have put us through. At the cost of tens of thousands of pounds to the tax payer, the Space Hijackers as a group are now much more numerous, organised, brave, focussed and optimistic in what we can get away with. We look forward to their continued, if slightly fanatically eager interest in our work; getting our tank back, our compensation and using our new found team skills, to take our forms of protest up to the next more outrageous and cunning level.

We can only assume that the CPS bottled what was heading to be a very very expensive, complete circus of a trial ending in their inevitable humiliation at the hands of the Hijackers, Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors and our QC.

Michael Wolkind QC, who was briefed on behalf of all the defendants, commented " it was a great surprise when Keir Starmer, the DPP, took time off from the investigation of the death of Ian Tomlinson, personally to confirm the absurd decision to pursue this prosecution. His judgement has been exposed by the late decision to discontinue the case".

In other news, the Space Hijackers now have a whole free week which we’ve all booked off work and therefore intend to spend it causing as much chaos as possible.


Fighting against the DSEi Arms Fair in East London

Every two years, the worlds largest arms fair happens in the Docklands in East London. Supported by the UK government, Clarion Events invite delegates from across the world to peruse the latest advances in the technology of death.

This year the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane held a cushy little dinner for a selection of the most reprehensible nasty little men in the world. For some reason they wanted to keep the whole affair quiet? We thought we'd help them out with some advertising for it.

Full report here


OPeRaTIon IvY LeaGUe 2009

The City. A concrete monolith to avarice, greed, and sloth. Nature is dulled and forced to obey an urban rigidity. Rivers are suppressed, plants are pruned and bound to grow in ways that please planners. The suppression parallels the City’s workers, stunned and cultivated human bots conditioned to believe they are individual despite the uniformity.

Operation Ivy League is an attempt to sow the seeds of dissent within the strict architecture and culture of the City of London.


Once again the Hijackers took on the dirty capitalists in a match for the city! Once again we won, and once again there were more bare breasts, broken bodies and drunken fools than you can shake a stick at.

full report


The Space Hijackers teamed up with a various other troublemakers in order to lead a funeral procession through the East End marking the spread of Starbucks and other unwelcome multinationals.

Culminating in the closing down of the Starbucks In Whitechapel, this was a day for protecting our local community from the beasts of global unfair-trade.


Mayday 09 - GUILTY


In response to the massive over-zealous police operation around the G20 which saw peaceful protestors beaten, an innocent man killed and thousands put under illegal detention in a kettle, the hijackers decided to return to the scene of the crime and highlight our police state. Around 400 people turned up to revel and critique our state with the street party going on until night.

click here for full report



In the light of the police's conduct at the G20 demonstrations, where arbitrary detention, assault and eventually murder seemed to be not simply the actions of a few 'bad apples', but rather institutional policy. We were glad to see that someone had decided to make their recruitment adverts rather more honest.




The Miss University London competition has been coming under flak ever since the two men who came up with the idea launched it. Billed as "empowering" and "educational" the competition asks female university students to parade around infront of a panel before being judged on who has the best genes. Gender and Social stereotypes are re-affirmed, one lucky girl gets to live the dream for the night the rest go home in tears. This is then called entertainment.

Agent Koshka decided she had had enough and suggested the Hijackers get busy coming up with a plan to compliment the feminist protest and variety of other actions going on. In true Hijacker style we came up with a tongue in cheek exaggeration of the contest, sending a group of mainly male agents to go down and offend everyone.


Ever get the feeling that all of life seems to now be controlled in a web of corporations, social networking, government control and money? Why should peoples social interactions be forced into the non-choice between online networking sites, corporate sponsored events, government regulated drinking establishments or pop culture driven night clubs? We're fed up to the eyeballs with it. If I want to play in my city, I don't want to be spoon fed database targeted advertising campaigns, be monitored as a focus group or be judged in comparison to this months glossy style bibles.

The Greenwich foot tunnel Pirate Party had been an idea brewing in our collective conscience for some time. The government have now banned drinking on the tube trains, and have been actively clamping down on any non licensed events for years. In an age where Facebook is seen as a social life something has to be done!

full report...



The powers that be decided to make a big song and dance about the official olympic torch being handed over from Beijing to London. Even organising a 1948 themed street party in Hoxton to mark the occassion. The Hijackers decided to roll up in our tank to join in the celebrations, oh and to mark the official handover from the Free Tibet campaign to the Free Hackney Campaign.

We managed to make quite an entrance, crashing straight into a security vehicle as we arrived, then pulling out our FREE HACKNEY banners.

full story ...

Bring on London 2013 (as we all know it won't be ready on time)

MAYDAY 2008/1708

A re-enactment collaboration between the Space Hijackers and the Metropolitan Police Players of the last ever Mayfayre in Mayfair.

on it's 300th anniversary.


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